Earn MOC points on all CME From the JAMA Network®

A partnership between the JAMA Network® and the AMA, ACCME, and ABIM makes it possible for you to receive MOC points when you complete any JAMA Network journal article CME activity. Credits are transferred automatically to the ABIM on your behalf.

How it works

After you complete and claim AMA PRA Category 1 credit for a JAMA Network journal article CME quiz, those credits will automatically be transferred to the ABIM. You do not need to do anything to enable the transfer. You can also opt out at any time in the My Preferences section here.


What do I need to do in order to earn MOC through the JAMA Network?

Nothing! Your CME credits will automatically transmit to ABIM after you complete a journal article CME course at jamanetwork.com. There is no additional information needed.

Which specialty boards are currently supported?

Currently JAMA Network CME credits are transmitted to the ABIM. We anticipate adding additional boards in the future. Please sign up for updates to stay informed.

For what part of MOC do I earn points?

Currently, journal article CME activities count for "Part II - Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment" of the ABMS program standard for Maintenance of Certification.

How often does credit get transmitted to ABIM?

Credit is transmitted every day on your behalf. Credits earned during the day will be transmitted automatically before midnight US central time.

How do I opt out of MOC credit transmission?

You can set your MOC transmission preferences using the My Preferences area of this website. You can choose to not allow credit transmission by simply unchecking a check box labeled "Send CME Data?" and saving your preferences. If you choose to opt out of credit transmission, information regarding your participation in JAMA Network CME activities will not be transferred to ABIM. You can opt back in at any time later.

For more information, contact the JAMA Network support center at support@jamanetwork.com